The sculptress and project artist Gertrude Moser-Wagner understands her work chiefly as something (ETWAS) out of the abundance of everything (ALLES); evocation as a drawing out, originating from concept and coincidence.The process is essential as it determines the outcome.

Mostly using that which exists or which is discovered as inspiration and/or point of departure, a decisive art intervention (analogy, action, handiwork) is set up to confront thinking with a totally new situation.
This situation, much more this intended transformation, is in the end defined, observed and localized as a field of art.
As outcome realized in different media, it is physically comprehensible, has volume, process, context and can be understood as extended sculpture.

The sculptures of the artist store actions, cultural conditions and interstices.
They are objects and offerings, visual installations and processes in (also public) space, language games, video and audio works, communications projects, investigations and attempts at making binding statements in the minus format of time.